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Asbury Park, NJ – On Tuesday, June 23rd, Ronin Aquatics hosted a water safety clinic at the Asbury Park Unit of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County (BGCM), teaching general water safety for both the pool and the ocean. Some of the topics that were covered at Tuesday’s clinic included “What To Do When You Fall Into a Pool,” “What Does a Riptide Look Like,” and “What To Do If You Are Lost on the Beach.”

“It is our responsibility to help kids make smart decisions, whether it’s helping them prepare for college, or in this case, teaching them how to swim,” stated Douglas Eagles, Executive Director of BGCM. A swim lesson program will start in the fall for BGCM members, which is the result of Ronin Aquatics swimmer Jocelyn Cullen’s desire to help those in the community who cannot swim and do not have access to swim instruction. Miss Cullen founded “Swimming to Help,” which has already raised over $5,000 for the swim program and improvements to the aquatic facility.

For more information about the program, contact Maureen Cullen at 732-996-0156 or Danny Asencio at 732-948-9688.

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