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Team BGCM is a group of runners dedicated to using their favorite sport to better the lives of the kids in our Clubs.

We are looking forward to having another great team participate in either the annual Asbury Park Half Marathon  or the NJ Marathon races. Each runner (or relay team) has a goal of raising $1,300, the cost of one year of after-school programming for one child. If you are unable to raise this amount, we don’t come after you for the full amount! We do have a $50 registration fee, and in the event that you are unable to raise any money for Team BGCM we will charge your credit card a total of $150 to cover the costs associated with running with us. We will do everything we can to help you reach your goal along the way!

As a runner for Team BGCM, you will receive a Team BGCM technical t-shirt, a web page for fundraising, and the help of a fundraising coach and a running coach. Best of all, each runner receives a profile of the child in our programs, describing his or her background, hobbies, and interests. It provides plenty of motivation to tackle those long training runs, reminding you that you’ve chosen to run for something GREAT.

Email Lisi with any questions, and we look forward to having you on our team!