“Children are our greatest treasure; they are our future.”

Change begins one child at a time. This has been the work of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County for the past 80 years. With YOUR help, we make sure each child is building character through leadership activities, graduating high school on time, and preparing to succeed in college or a promising career. We appreciate your generous past support of our mission.

With YOUR help, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County has:

  • Provided 110,000 meals each year to ensure kids’ basic needs are met
  • Achieved a 75% high school graduation rate
  • Offered an environment in which 95% of kids report they feel safe.

Please continue reading below and meet Jamie. Due to his unstable home life, Jamie was at risk of becoming part of the local gang or drug culture. But, because he had an option, he chose a different path and became an active member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County.

You can help affect the outcomes of other children like Jamie and ensure that they, too, have an option. With as little as $1300, you can provide after-school programming for one child for one year. That is one life changed, entirely by YOU.

At a time when we give thanks for our abundant gifts, we thank you for your past support and ask that you, once again, share your gifts with the children of our community.


Douglas Eagles Executive Director

Russell M. Johnston Board President



P.S.  Your gift of $1300 will be used to offer ONE child like Jamie the opportunity to develop confidence and hope, and most importantly, a bright future.



Jamie comes from a place where it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. He is twelve years old, his brother is in jail, his father hasn’t been around for years, and his mom is rarely present. He has no support system at home and no family life to speak of. Young people without strong families often turn to gangs or drugs to find a sense of belonging. Luckily, for Jamie, there was another option; he came to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County.

When Jamie first came to the Club six years ago, he was withdrawn, untrusting, and sad. Having mentors who are constants in his life has enabled Jamie to develop healthy, positive, and lasting relationships. Jamie now has a second home with staff and members whom he considers family. He has stability, a place to do his homework, a place to be mentored, and a place where he can always feel safe. He participates in programs that teach leadership, community involvement, college/career development, fitness, health, and nutrition.

The programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County have provided a strong foundation for Jamie, but, more importantly, they have given him HOPE for the future.

❄SNOW DAY (Featuring Actual Snow)❄ 
Both the RED BANK and ASBURY PARK units will remain closed THURSDAY, MARCH 22ND due to inclement weather.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County (Including Asbury and Red Bank Summer Camps) will be closed Wednesday, July 4th. 
Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸🦅