Our Dedicated Team

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One organization, one team, one mission, one voice bettering the lives of over one thousandThat’s the philosophy we believe at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County!

Doug Eagles
Doug EaglesExecutive Director
Isiah Jones
Isiah JonesUnit Director Asbury Park
Aaron Styles
Aaron StylesDirector of Teen Programming
Karen Odom
Karen OdomDirector of Administration
Ebony Halloway
Ebony HallowayChildcare and Afterschool Program Director
Lisi Klus
Lisi KlusCommunications Director
Dalia Gaitan
Dalia GaitanAdministrative Coordinator (Red Bank)
Yorceli Hernandez
Yorceli HernandezYouth Development Professional (Red Bank)
Sabrina Blair
Sabrina BlairYouth Development Professional (Asbury Park)
Nicole Donadio
Nicole Donadio Bookkeeper
Cindy Fagan
Cindy FaganGrant Manager
Onnie Stanton
Onnie StantonAdministrative Coordinator (Asbury Park)
Lachelle Wallace
Lachelle WallaceYouth Development Professional
Ijonique McClain
Ijonique McClainYouth Development Professional (Asbury Park)
Reginald McNeil
Reginald McNeilYouth Development Professional (Asbury Park)
Chenice Wesley
Chenice WesleyCollege Bound Coordinator
Destiny Smith
Destiny SmithYouth Development Professional (Asbury Park)
Kiara Woods
Kiara WoodsYouth Development Professional (Asbury Park)
Jacqueline Boyd
Jacqueline BoydYouth Development Professional (Red Bank)
JePiera Boykin
JePiera BoykinSenior Staff (Red Bank)
Keron Mitter
Keron MitterYouth Development Professional (Red Bank)
John Tyler Jr.
John Tyler Jr. Bus Driver (Red Bank)

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